Benefits of inTouch


InTouch wants to make your health care easy and reliable. We are offering preferred appointment times meaning that you are the decider in your appointment. It’s your time and your health on the line, so shouldn’t you be in control?

InTouch has a team of medical professionals dedicated to your care. This team includes a doctor, nurse, and nurse practitioner who are all available for and focused on you. The best part about this team is that you are always able to connect with them. We provide you with a dedicated phone line to the doctor’s team rather than a switchboard of people who aren’t familiar with your health. Any questions you have or appointments to make are handled by your medical team.


The dedicated phone line makes connection to your InTouch health care team convenient and on your time. There’s nothing more frustrating that trying to talk to someone about your health care and getting transferred to an administrative person, or worse, a computer. With the access to health care provided by InTouch, all of your health care calls will be handled and returned from the medical team. This ensures the best possible health care communication.

You can call the nurse directly with any questions you may have and we expect you to. Your team is there for you when you need them. They are focused on your health care.


Believe it or not, the days of personalized care aren’t over. InTouch wants to make sure that you have the relationship with your health care team that you deserve. It’s nice to have a team that knows you, your name, and your condition. We will always provide you with personal visits from your doctor or nurse practitioner as needed.

This type of face-to-face connection with your team deletes the computer from the process allowing you to truly get complete health care coverage. If you’re in the hospital for your condition, the doctor will take time to visit you and maintain the connection for your hospital stay.