Frequently Asked Questions

What is InTouch?

inTouch is a network of healthcare professionals that is revolutionizing the way healthcare is received. Our focus is to ensure that you get the medical treatment and attention you need by professional healthcare practitioners at your convenience.

Does my insurance cover the annual fee?

No.   Most insurers view the inTouch annual fee as non-covered services and do not provide reimbursement.

Do my corporate benefits cover the annual fee?

The annual fee may be paid through most employer Section 125 plans and is compatible with most flexible spending accounts (FSAs), medical savings accounts (MSAs), and health reimbursement accounts (HRAs). The fee may also be paid through health savings accounts (HSAs). Your physician will provide you with a statement for your benefits administrator at the time of your wellness consultation or any time thereafter.

Do I have to pay the annual fee at once?

Yes. inTouch services are required to be paid in full.

What happens when my doctor is away on vacation or otherwise unavailable?

Your doctor will arrange for appropriate coverage with another inTouch physician. The covering physician will provide the same level of care and responsiveness. You will receive contact information for the covering physician as needed.

Do I have to pay for each one of my family members?

Yes. The inTouch service fee is per patient.

Will my inTouch doctor visit me in the hospital?

Yes. You will receive hospital services by your primary care physician.

How long does the fee cover?

The fee is a 12 month rolling service agreement. You can join anytime during the year and the service is for the following 12 months. You can decided to use the service one year and opt out the next year. If the need arises, you can add the service back at any time.

How can I contact my inTouch doctor?

Once joining the program, you will be given a dedicated phone number and email address. With this number, you can text or call during office hours.

Can we email questions about our health to the team?

inTouch is created to provide more direct contact with your physician. All questions can be emailed or texted directly to the team and they will respond within the hour.

Are there refunds after payment is made?

No refunds will be issued after payment has been processed. If the patient decides to leave the practice, they will forfeit the service for the balance of the agreement.